To date, HMSDC has broken the million-dollar mark in awarded scholarships to minority business owners. Scholarship recipients have attended classes at prestigious business schools across the United States, having acquired professional certifications and licenses to enhance their business credentials and have participated in other developmental programs deemed essential to their ability to manage and grow their business. This has been possible, only through the proceeds from the HMSDC Scholarship Fundraiser.

Corporate members and their primes participate in the scholarship fundraiser in order to show their community support for minority business development and network with MBEs in a relax environment. MBEs are able to play and network for 5 hours with potential clients to build relationships, to demonstrate their capabilities and explain why they should be considered as a supplier.

You can donate today to support the education and development of the minority businesses involved in HMSDC. Contributions are tax deductible and support the MBE Business Executive Scholarship Fund. If you would like to contribute directly to the scholarship fund, please complete the scholarship commitment form or e-mail Constance Y. Jones at constance.jones@hmsdc.orgClick here to view the Scholarship Commitment Form.